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Texas K9 Rehab Dog Boarding

Dog Pet

Treat your dog to a getaway with our premium dog boarding.

Planning a trip and can't take your furry friend along? No worries! Our premier dog boarding retreat is here to provide your pup with a vacation of their own, filled with comfort, care, and tail-wagging fun!


🤠 Country-like Accommodations: Your dog deserves the best, which is why our spacious and cozy suites are designed to make them feel right at home. With a personalized space, your pup will have their own haven to relax and unwind.


🌟 Attentive Care: Our experienced and compassionate staff treats every guest like family. They provide round-the-clock care, ensuring your dog receives the attention, love, and playtime they crave. Rest assured, your pup will be in good hands during their stay.


🐕 Exciting Activities: Boredom is not an option here! Our boarding retreat offers a range of engaging activities tailored to your dog's energy level and preferences. Whether it's group play sessions, nature walks, or one-on-one playtime, your pup will enjoy a variety of adventures and socialization opportunities.


🚶 Physical Activity: We believe in keeping your pup active and healthy. Our facility boasts spacious outdoor areas where your dog can stretch their legs, run freely, and burn off energy. Regular exercise and supervised play ensure that your furry friend stays fit and happy.

💤 Serene Resting Spaces: After a day of excitement, your dog deserves a peaceful slumber. Our calm and comfortable sleeping quarters provide the ideal environment for a restful night's sleep, ensuring your pup wakes up refreshed and ready for more adventures.

🔒 Safety and Security: Your pup's safety is our top priority. Our boarding retreat is equipped with top-notch security systems and attentive staff, ensuring a secure and supervised environment at all times. You can have peace of mind knowing your dog is well-protected.

Dog Boarding:


Dog Boarding & Training Package:

$3,500 for three weeks of immersive boarding and training. Also includes two at-home sessions.

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