Dog Boarding & Training Services


We offer boarding for your animals.  Frequently, with aggressive dogs, it is challenging to find the right place.  This may be it.

Dog Training

Some clients would prefer we come to their homes to work in the environment of the animal.  Call us.

Every dog deserves a chance

Dog Boarding

Let us help!

If you have a challenging dog that has made life difficult at your home and you don't know where to turn, we can help.  We work with those dogs that you love so much but are very challenging to live with.  Our new facility is located on over 5 acres with very large  outdoor play and training options.  We can also come to your home and work with you there.  Let us come out and survey your situation and figure out what the best remedy is for the dog and the family.  We are frequently called in those challenging situations and frequently come after other trainers have failed.  We also provide boarding and training together.  If you want to board your dog while you are away and want to add some additional training, we can do that too.  The benefit we bring to you is we can customize what you may need.  Be it boarding, training, in home, or otherwise.

We offer a number of options including in home and board and train.  Give us a call to come assess your needs.

Boarding & Training

In Home Service